Industry News Roundup, April 13

My picks of the latest news from across the UK IT industry for the week ending Friday 13 April. This week Facebook buys Instagram and Atmel’s flexible touch sensors will revolutionize mobile device design.

The Register | Developer leaks Microsoft product plans for next two years

A Microsoft developer has taken the unusual step of publishing a partial Redmond roadmap for some of the company's most important software.

BBC | Facebook buys Instagram photo sharing network for $1bn

Facebook has announced it is to buy Instagram - the popular photo-sharing smartphone app. Instagram was only launched in October 2010 - initially just for the iPhone before being offered as an Android app last week.

Sky News | 'Fearless' Commodore 64 Creator Dies Aged 83

Polish Auschwitz survivor Jack Tramiel, who created one of the first home computers, the Commodore 64, has died aged 83.The entrepreneur revolutionised computer technology and lived the American dream after making his fortune.

Extreme Tech | Atmel’s flexible touch sensors will revolutionize mobile device design

“Traditional touch sensors are typically brittle and may crack, not allowing it to bend,” Atmel’s Global Communications Manager Agnes Toan told ExtremeTech. “Atmel XSense is very flexible, allowing touchscreens to have curved, sleek surfaces and flexible displays.” This is not the stuff of concept videos, it is very much a real product.

Computerworld | Weak passwords still the downfall of enterprise security

A recent data breach that exposed the Social Security numbers of more than 255,000 people in Utah has once again highlighted the longstanding but often underestimated risks posed to organizations by weak and default passwords.

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