How to freeze panes in Excel 2013

When creating or viewing an Excel spreadsheet you may want to lock your first row in place so you can see what the subsequent data refers to.

This is a very simple process, just follow the instructions below.

To freeze the top row

  • Open your Excel document
  • Select the ‘View’ tab of the ribbon
  • Find the option to 'Freeze Panes' and select 'Freeze Top Row'
  • To Unfreeze simply select 'Freeze Panes' again and choose 'Unfreeze'

Please note that selecting Freeze Top Row will only freeze the top row, if you wish to Freeze more than just the top row you will need to do the following:

Freezing more than just the top row

If for example, you wish to freeze all the data in your spreadsheet above row 7, you will need to:

  • Select a box in row 7 or the entire row itself
  • Go to ‘View’ and choose Freeze Panes again
  • Now select 'Freeze Panes'

To Freeze the first Column just follow the instructions above and select 'Freeze First Column'.

Please note: Freeze Panes is not available in Excel Starter.

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